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At Lux Health, we believe healthcare IT software should be high-quality and clear.

Even more, it should not be a financial burden for any healthcare professional, independent provider clinic, or multi-location hospital organization.

Lux Health helps you focus on care and healing.
Lux Health wants to de-risk your practice.

Zero Upfront:
We get paid, when
you get paid.

Healthcare is complex. The tools to help you should be simple. No more managing dozens of vendors. No lock-in, monthly fees, or per user charges.

Whether you want to continue with your billing system or leverage Lux Health's automated, full-service billing and clearinghouse, we only take a percentage on successful reimbursement, collection, or payments.

Lux Health helps you focus on care and healing.
Lux Health cares

What We Offer:
Software Suite Built for
Your Workflow
(Not Web-Based)

  • Electronic Health Record System

  • Complete Billing and Reimbursement Services

  • Practice Management

  • Scheduling with Templates

  • Member Relationship Mangement

  • Patient Messaging

  • Paperless Intake

  • Native Patient Mobile App

  • Automated Machine Learning/AI Models

  • And Much More
Lux Health apps were made to run on all devices
Lux Health cares


We deliver training and support via messaging, voice, remote, and on-premise.

Lux Health cares

Software for Concierge

Our software adapts with your workflow to reduce administrative work. Our Lux AI (machine learning) models, can be leveraged to automate repetitive administrative tasks. We have created custom, tailored software for our Early-Access VIP Partners.

Lux Health cares


We strive to better industry practices when safeguarding PHI. Beyond security protocols, our proprietary healthcare data platform goes beyond (conventional) bank-level security.

Lux Health Is Built by an Outstanding Team with Advisors from Trusted Institutions

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