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We handle the rest.

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At Lux Health, we believe care providers with greater choice, autonomy, and ability to heal based on their individual values are more resilient to burnout, serving more patients in their lifetime.

So, we provide everything concierge clinics need to see patients the way they want and get paid without the administrative work - all for percent-on-collections. No monthly fee, individual licenses, or lock-in.

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How We Help Providers

Our goal is to help you provide accessible personalized healthcare for all. In this pursuit, we help lower your costs and any tasks that are not patient care. We believe there is nothing that cannot be delegated (law and oath permitting). Our Lux Concierge team is available at the press of a button, phone call, secure message, or email. If we fail to improve the performance of your practice, you can terminate our services at any time.

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Back Office

We help manage revenue cycles, recurring membership dues, monthly billing, and more. Whether it means manually following-up with patients or calling up payers, we will handle that automatically or at the press of a button. Need help tracking your outcomes data? We will do the administrative work and data analysis, so you can provide excellent care.

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Reach More Patients

We help patients get to know you and your personal care model. Serve new patients and improve navigation using traditional, digital, and social media channels with our Lux Concierge Team. We help collect, gather, and address anonymized reviews and ratings. Then we help manage your reputation in the community by telling your story. You are much more than the lone Google or Yelp review. We will help share your values and offerings.

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We Are Your Team

Our Lux Health team is an extension of your team. We are available for any task at the press of a button, phone call, secure message, or email. Our Lux Concierge team is availble to your patients when you and your team are on or off. Any questions about billing, payments, triage, encounters, and more can be handled by us first, allowing your team to solely focus on treating more patients.

Lux Health helps you focus on care and healing.
Lux Health de-risks your practice.

Zero Upfront:
You always get paid first,
then we get paid.

No lock-in, monthly fees, or per user charges. If you want to take a vacation, you should be able to without being charged.

Whether you want to continue with your billing system or leverage Lux Health's automated, full-service billing and clearinghouse, we only take a percentage on successful reimbursement, collection, or payments.

This positively aligns our goals. We are committed to assist you in any way to make your practice a success.

Starting or Considering a New Practice?

In addition to our ClinicOS and Lux Concierge Support, we offer funding, clinic space, and startup expertise for excellent providers wanting an experienced (non-equity) partner in opening their own practice.

Only need guidance? We share our experience free for those genuinely interested in starting their own practice.

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Lux Health helps you focus on care and healing.
Lux Health cares

What We Offer:
Software Suite Built for
Your Workflow
(ClinicOS, Not Web-Based)

  • Electronic Health Record System

  • Workstations

  • Complete Billing and Reimbursement Services

  • Practice Management

  • Scheduling with Templates

  • Member Relationship Mangement

  • Patient Messaging

  • Paperless Intake

  • Native Patient Mobile App

  • Automated Machine Learning/AI Models

  • And Much More
Lux Health apps were made to run on all devices
Lux Health cares

Business Support

We share your goal of practicing high-quality care, while ensuring successful reimbursement. Balancing patient care and reimbursement can be a difficult, especially with the cost of labor, operations, and clinic space on the rise. It hurts everyone when an effective clinic or hospital is forced to close.

Lux Health cares

Training & Credentialing

Our proprietary, experience-based training, developed over years of real-world clinical work, enables our staff to improve your workflow and help make your daily work easier. Need assistance with professional training or CMEs for you or your new staff? We can help provide the appropriate resources for you.

Lux Health cares

Managed IT & Powerful Workstations

We provide our partners with clinical workstations loaded with our proprietary ClinicOS and in-person/remote IT support on demand.

Lux Health Is Built by an Outstanding Team with Advisors from Trusted Institutions

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